Diesel Tune NZ


For 4x4s/utes, Vans and Light trucks

Nearly all vehicles on the road today are controlled via ECU’s (engine control units). These ECU’s provide manufacturers the ability to produce various stages of power from the same engine. By manufacturing less engines and being able to control the output with software, the production costs are much lower. 

By altering the software parameters in your ECU, JRM Automotive and Diesel Tune NZ are able to safely unlock the potential Torque and HP that already exist within the vehicle, making your passenger vehicles much more pleasurable to drive, more productive and fuel efficient.

Whether it be fuel efficiency, more power and increased towing capacity for your 4WD, Ute, Van or Light Truck, JRM Automotive powered by Diesel Tune NZ are able to offer a customised solution for your petrol and diesel engine requirements.

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